Animal ICU

ANIMAL.ICU is a one stop solution for all animal husbandry needs of a farm or Farmer. Animal ICU provides a variety of services from AI to daily/Routine check-up, preventive survival, vaccination, Doctor/Medical institute mapping, on-call service, AI,.

Maveshi Mandi

Enabling livestock trading at farmers' doorstep. Farmer can buy-Sell their any livestock via our blockchain enabled smart contract.

Animal Mark & Certification

Animal Mark is one of the most Ambitious project on this earth to create animal ancestry and quality certification.

Kisan Radio Farmer Network

World’s largest farmer’s centric vernacular agriculture digital 24x7x365 running farmer operated radio channel to support agro-allied IEC mechanism.

Animal Feed

We help farmers availing quality animal feed through our platform.

Veterinary Medicine

One platform for delivery of all veterinary medicines. Our inhouse pharma products ( SumoVet and Calcimo) helps in growth and wellbeing of animals.

About Verdant Impact


We are a full stack animal husbandry platform. Our work begins with providing farmers with backward and forward linkage for purchase and sales of livestock. With our state of the art product - Animal ICU, we provide digital livestock healthcare services to the farmers for the wellbeing of their animals. With our animal mark and certification, we help in unique identification of the animals using RFID and providing a certification of quality. Our RFID reader can help in precise animal identification.

Our unique identification helps farmers in availing credit products for their animals. We have introduced a cattle credit card product with help of our banking partners.

Kisan Radio

Our Kisan Radio network is World’s largest farmer’s centric vernacular agriculture digital radio channel running 24x7x365 to support agro-allied IEC mechanisms.

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