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How Verdant Works

Our approach is simple yet powerful

One Health Centric End-to-End Process from RFID implants to ultimate care and information tracking.

  • We plant RFID ear tags to uniquely identify each animal.
  • We track and decode vital information about each animal's health and history.
  • We seamlessly integrate this data with our livestock management software.
  • We offer a range of services, including preventive care, cattle commerce, credit solutions, and more.
Vertical SaaS Providing 360-Degree Livestock Solutiong.
We provide a comprehensive solution covering:

  • Herd management
  • Database management
  • Finance and accounting
  • Parlor management
  • Wearables, sensors, and IoT integration
  • Processors and feed management

How Verdant

Our approach is simple yet powerful

Vertical SaaS Providing 360-Degree Livestock Solution

We provide a comprehensive solution covering

Herd Management

Database Management

Finance and Accounting

Parlor Management

Wearables, Sensors, & IoT Integration

Processors and Feed Management

Decoding Cattle Information

At Verdant, we decode cattle information to empower farmers, ensure safety, and drive the livestock industry toward a more prosperous and sustainable future.

Impact Left Marks

1000+ Bharat Samriddhi

We facilitate cattle trading worth an astonishing 1,000 Crores, making it easier for farmers to buy and sell their livestock.

1200 Cr+ INR

Livestock Ru-Commerce Annually


4.5M Farmer Served

Via App, telemedical centers, VR/AR Based Clinics


Bharat’s Largest Agri OTT Platform

Servicing daily 2.4M users in 4 Indigenous Languages

Empowered 2M Women

Increased 40-4000% Increase with financial inclusion

2 Cr+ Livestock

Tagged and Registered Under Animal Ancestry

Successful Farmers

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    we are a full stack animal husbandry platform. Our work begins with providings farmers with backward and forward linkage for purchase and sales of livestock.

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