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Our Story :

Verdant’s journey began with the unwavering determination of our founder, Maya Manish Kumar, who, after a heartbreaking experience with the loss of her buffalos due to inadequate access to veterinary care, initiated Animal ICU. This groundbreaking platform addressed the scarcity of medical support for livestock owners in rural areas while also providing employment opportunities for veterinary doctors. Inspired by this success, Maya expanded her vision to create Verdant, a pioneering animal health company that harnesses technology, innovation, and deep community connections to transform animal health, empower farmers, and ensure safer, more sustainable food production. This journey reflects our commitment to making a meaningful impact in the world of animal health and welfare.

Message from our CEO

At Verdant, our unwavering purpose is to enhance the well-being of our world, humanity, and the animals that share our planet. We are committed to nurturing a brighter future, not just for people and animals, but also for the environment we all call home.

In our relentless pursuit of this purpose, we have set ambitious sustainability goals under our “Caring for Tomorrow” strategy. Through the dedication of our team, we are making tangible and meaningful strides on this journey.

Our top priority is to advance sustainability in livestock care, ultimately contributing to a better future. To achieve this, we are firmly committed to our sustainability pledges, ensuring the welfare of communities, animals, and the planet. We aim to showcase the positive impact of animal health on society and the environment while expanding access to care in underserved regions and emerging markets.

We take immense pride in the daily efforts of our dedicated team as we work toward our vision of becoming the most trusted and valued company in the field of livestock health. Through innovation, a relentless focus on our customers, and the dedication of our purpose-driven colleagues, we are shaping the future of animal care.


Maya Manish Kumar

Verdant – Advancing Livestock Welfare for a Better Tomorrow

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